How This 27-Year-Old IIT-B Graduate Is Turning Heads With Headphones Made From Bamboo

A young innovator from IIT Bombay is making waves with an invention that’s music to the ears, both literally and figuratively. Meet Aakansh Chaturvedi, the 27-year-old mastermind behind Bambass, which makes headphones from bamboo, and boasts an impressive score of 70% in recyclability and biodegradability.

What to know: Hailing from a small town near Indore, Aakansh’s journey is a blend of passion and purpose. After completing his engineering, he pivoted to product design at IIT Bombay in 2020, driven by a deep-seated desire to design products that harmonize with nature. “As the youth, we have to see to it that there is a planet left to live on,” Aakansh emphasizes.

His choice of sustainable headphones stems from a simple realization – the ubiquity of headphones in our daily lives and the environmental footprint they leave behind. His challenge was to integrate eco-friendly materials into a design that’s lightweight, adjustable, and appealing to the masses.

The journey from concept to creation was no walk in the park. Aakansh delved deep, understanding the nuances of headphone design and exploring ways to replace plastic with more sustainable materials. He learned the potential of bamboo – sturdy, eco-friendly, and lightweight – as an ideal alternative.

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Aakansh’s design ingenuity is evident in addressing technical challenges. From figuring out the right thickness to prevent the bamboo from snapping during shaping, to developing a screw mechanism for size adjustability, each step was a careful calculation. The use of vegan leather added an extra layer of environmental consciousness to the product.

The Bambass headphones are not just a gadget but a tribute to traditional bamboo craftsmanship. The ear cups feature a unique ‘pixel of bamboo’ design, with coloured bamboo strips woven together, customizable to individual preferences. This aspect not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also spotlights the fading art of bamboo craftsmanship.

Aakansh’s vision doesn’t stop with Bambass. He dreams of a world where every gadget has an eco-friendly counterpart. “As a designer, my aspirations will always align with co-existing with nature,” he asserts.

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