Rejected For A Peon Job For Not Knowing The Apple Logo, This Man Built Bihar's Own Uber Alternative

In an episode that captured hearts and minds on Shark Tank India Season 3, Dilkhush Kumar, an ambitious entrepreneur from Bihar, showcased his taxi service venture, RodBez, impressing the judges with their determination and innovative approach.

What to know? The story of Dilkhush, co-founder of RodBez, is a tale of resilience and defiance against the odds. Coming from a background marked by hardship and rejection, Dilkhush’s entrepreneurial journey began in adversity. After being unjustly rejected for a peon position for not recognizing the Apple logo, he faced a turning point. “They judged me for my appearance, so I decided to never pursue another job,” Dilkhush recounted.

This rejection became the catalyst for his resolve to never work under someone again. Burning his certificates in a symbolic gesture of defiance, he asked his father, a bus driver, to teach him driving, paving his way into entrepreneurship.

Starting as a driver, Dilkhush’s relentless spirit led him to save money and eventually approach local investors with a business idea valued at ₹4 crore. His journey was not without challenges, as he navigated various roles and tried multiple ventures, including selling vegetables online, only to face continuous setbacks.

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Dilkhush crafted the RodBez app, showcasing his self-taught skills by learning coding through YouTube. This endeavour demonstrated not just his technical acumen but also his sheer will to succeed against all odds.

On Shark Tank India, the duo’s clear vision and tenacity resonated with ‘Sharks’ Ritesh Agarwal and Vineeta Singh, who offered ₹20 lakh for 5% equity and ₹30 lakh in debt at 12% interest. Despite Peyush’s advice to seek further local investments, they accepted the offer, marking a significant triumph for RodBez.

Dilkhush and Siddharth’s journey from humble beginnings to securing a deal on Shark Tank India is a powerful narrative of overcoming challenges and transforming dreams into reality.

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