This 89-Year-Old Grandmother From Ahmedabad Turned Her Crocheting Passion Into A Global Business

In the heart of Ahmedabad, 89-year-old Padma Parikh transforms traditional crochet into global charm, proving that passion and perseverance know no age. Her journey from a vaidya’s daughter to an international craftswoman through ‘PB Handmades’ is a testament to timeless talent meeting modern opportunities.

What to know? Padma’s handicraft skills, honed over decades, once graced family occasions with personalized gifts. It was in 2020, amidst the stillness of lockdown, that her granddaughters, Bansari and Heer Shah, envisioned her craft on a global platform. Despite physical challenges, including a failed eye surgery, Padma’s dedication to her craft never waned. She embraced the intricacies of crocheting with patience, turning yarns into coveted pieces.

Her first successful crochet bird, a product of perseverance, marked the beginning of an unexpected journey. Shared on Instagram, it captivated an audience far beyond Gujarat’s borders. Orders poured in, with customers from over ten countries, including the USA and Japan, seeking her unique creations.

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‘PB Handmades’ offers a range of products, from blankets to keychains, each a blend of tradition and Padma’s creative vision. The venture is a family affair, with her daughters and granddaughters contributing to various aspects of the business. Their collaborative effort not only bolstered Padma’s financial independence but also combated her loneliness.

Breaking the age barrier: Padma’s story breaks the stereotype of age as a barrier to entrepreneurship. Her advice to the younger generation is clear: pursue your passion relentlessly. Her life is a canvas of creativity, resilience, and joy, inspiring others to weave their dreams into reality, regardless of age or circumstances.

In a world where early retirement is often the goal, Padma Parikh stands as a beacon, crocheting her way into hearts and markets alike, one stitch at a time.

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