Groww's Technical Glitch Shuts Out Traders At Peak Hour: Here's What's Happening

Groww, a popular investment platform, experienced server troubles on Tuesday morning. This unexpected technical glitch rendered both the app and web platform unusable, much to the frustration of its users. The timing couldn’t have been worse – occurring during peak trading hours, leaving many in a lurch and visibly upset over the disruption in their financial activities.

What Happened? Tuesday turned out to be a day of distress for users of Groww, India’s self-proclaimed top brokerage house by active investors. The fintech platform’s users found themselves locked out of their accounts, a major setback especially for those involved in active trading. In their quest to resolve the issue, some users even resorted to uninstalling and reinstalling the app, only to face the same predicament.

Adding to the chaos, those who managed to stay logged in encountered further anomalies. They reported zero balances in their wallets, a startling sight for any investor. Worse still, a glitch seemed to duplicate trades for some users, plunging their wallet balances into the negatives.

As frustrations boiled over, hundreds of users flooded social media platforms, seeking answers and venting their grievances. Groww’s social media team, caught in the eye of the storm, could offer little by way of consolation.

Usually, users of Groww don’t have many problems. But the technical issues on Tuesday have shown that issues like this can happen more often than we think. This is similar to what has happened with Zerodha, another trading platform, which has also had some technical troubles recently.

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