How This Duo From IIT Kharagpur Went From Being Broke After A Failed Venture To Millionaires

In the bustling city of Bengaluru, restaurateurs like Sujay and Gowtham found themselves ensnared in the web of clunky technology, each day ending in a symphony of frustration. It was the echo of this symphony that reached the ears of Mainak Sarkar and Pritam Khan, IIT-Kharagpur alumni, leading to the inception of Explorex Technologies in 2020.

What to Know? Explorex is not just another SaaS platform; it's a guiding light for over 30 million restaurants in India, offering a holistic solution to the myriad of challenges faced by the restaurant industry. It's a symphony conductor, orchestrating seamless integration between order management, operations, online delivery, payment processing, and much more, all under one roof.

The journey of Mainak and Pritam is one of resilience and innovation. Their initial venture, ‘Eatable,' was a lesson in the complexities of the restaurant industry, a stepping stone to Explorex. They delved deep, understanding the intricate tapestry of needs and challenges of restaurant owners, realizing the industry's thirst for a unified technological solution.

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Starting a Restaurant Revolution: Explorex stands as a ‘compound startup,' a full-stack fintech entity, weaving the threads of the restaurant ecosystem into a coherent tapestry, enabling restaurateurs to navigate through the labyrinth of opening and managing restaurants. It's not just a tool; it's a companion in the journey of restaurateurs, assisting in every step, from vendor onboarding to customer acquisition.

With a clientele of 350 top restaurants in Bengaluru, Explorex is spreading its wings to Kolkata, Delhi, and Mumbai, aiming to elevate the number of restaurant partners and targeting to process payment volumes of at least ₹600 crore this year.

Mainak Sarkar's vision for Explorex is clear – it's to be the maestro in the chaotic concert of the restaurant industry, bringing harmony and coherence to every restaurateur’s journey, making Explorex an indispensable melody in the world of gastronomy.

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