Mukesh Ambani Takes On Sam Altman? Reliance, NVIDIA To Build ChatGPT Rival Tailored For India

On Thursday, NVIDIA and Reliance Industries unveiled a strategic partnership aimed at advancing artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities tailored specifically for India.

What Happened: In a significant, NVIDIA and Reliance Industries have joined forces to create India’s very own foundational large language model. This model will be trained on the nation’s myriad languages and is designed for generative AI applications to cater to the vast Indian population.

The collaboration aims to construct an AI infrastructure that surpasses the capabilities of India’s current fastest supercomputer. NVIDIA will grant access to its advanced NVIDIA® GH200 Grace Hopper Superchip and NVIDIA DGX™ Cloud, a cloud-based AI supercomputing service.

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This AI infrastructure will serve as the bedrock for Reliance Jio Infocomm’s foray into the AI realm. Reliance plans to develop AI applications and services for its 450 million Jio subscribers and offer energy-efficient AI infrastructure to scientists, developers, and startups throughout India.

Why It Matters: The announcement comes on the heels of NVIDIA CEO, Jensen Huang’s India visit. Huang during his visit emphasized the vast potential India offers in the realm of AI. He had stated, “India has scale, data, and talent.” Prime Minister Narendra Modi and NVIDIA’s CEO had discussions had also emphasised India’s vast potential in AI.

Earlier in the year, AI, LLM pioneer OpenAI‘s CEO Sam Altman, during his India tour, had said “It’s totally hopeless to compete with us on training foundation models you shouldn’t try,” when asked whether a ChatGPT-like model can be developed in India. The statement had offended many in the country, but Altman later clarified that this was not what he meant.

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