A Village Girl Dreamt And Transformed Assam's Rich Culture Into Not One But Two Successful Ventures

Nestled in Assam’s verdant landscapes, Sobita Tamuli might appear as your everyday village woman, engrossed in routine chores. But scratch beneath the surface, and you’ll find the dynamo of an entrepreneur, steering two local brands to dizzying heights.

As a child, Sobita’s mind was a cauldron of ideas, most of which evaporated by day’s end. But in 2002, one idea stuck, propelling her onto an entrepreneurial path less trodden for women of her background.

Going Green the Organic Way: With a small brigade of village women, Sobita embarked on an eco-friendly mission, crafting organic manure. Using ingredients like cow dung and earthworms, all sourced locally and affordably, she tapped into a growing health-conscious market. Her brand, Kesuhaar, quickly became a household name, available at a mere ₹50 for a 5 kg packet via her Self Help Group ‘Seuji’.

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A Hat-tip to Assam’s Rich Tapestry: Not one to rest, Sobita diversified, crafting ‘Japis’ – Assam’s iconic conical hats. More than just headgear, they’re customizable pieces of art. Sidestepping middlemen, Sobita believes in selling directly, ensuring her community reaps the rewards.

What’s Sobita’s X-factor? A blend of punctuality and ceaseless innovation. In Sobita Tamuli, Assam has not just an entrepreneur but a visionary, showcasing that with grit and gumption, even modest ideas can birth grand ventures.

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