Ola's Bhavish Aggarwal Gets Social Media Pushback On Thoughts On 'Pronouns Illness' In Corporate Culture

Ola founder Bhavish Aggarwal was met with pushback on social media platform X for his views on using pronouns in corporate culture.

What Happened: Aggarwal, a prominent Indian business figure, recently expressed his views on the use of gender-neutral pronouns in corporate culture, describing it as “pronouns illness”. He suggested this trend should be rejected, asserting that Indian culture inherently respects all individuals.

Aggarwal’s tweet included a screenshot of a response from an AI chatbot where mentions of the word “they” are circled out. Notably, Aggarwal has recently launched his homegrown chatbot called Krutrim AI.

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Why It Matters: The use of pronouns in the corporate world has been a topic of global debate. Some see it as a sign of respect for individual identities, while others view it as unnecessary or confusing.

Aggarwal’s comments reflect a perspective that the adoption of such practices in India is more due to external influence than a genuine understanding or need within the country’s corporate culture.

Aggarwal’s perspective generated strong responses in the comments of the post, with one user saying the point was moot given that pronouns like “they” have been in use for a long time and are grammatically correct.

Another user shared an example of a gender-neutral pronoun from Tamil to make the point that such words exist in Indian languages as well.
Some agreed with Aggarwal’s take, questioning the overuse of such pronouns on social platforms such as Linkedin.

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