Ola's Homegrown ChatGPT Alternative 'Krutrim AI' Just Launched: Here's Everything You Need To Know

Ola’s CEO Bhavish Aggarwal has unveiled Krutrim AI, India’s first comprehensive artificial intelligence (AI) solution, marking a significant milestone in technological innovation. Krutrim, a Sanskrit-derived name meaning “artificial,” is designed to reflect India’s diverse cultural and linguistic fabric. The AI model demonstrates proficiency in understanding 20 Indian languages and can generate content in 10 languages including Marathi, Hindi, and Kannada, showcasing an inclusive approach to AI development.

Krutrim AI: Technical Capability and Accessibility

Krutrim’s training has been extensive, processing over 2 trillion tokens to ensure a nuanced understanding of Indian culture and values. This training volume claims to surpass GPT-4’s capabilities in Indic language support. Notably, Krutrim is voice-activated, enhancing user interaction by responding to both written and spoken inputs. The AI also demonstrated real-time coding capabilities at its launch, hinting at its potential impact across various industries.

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What’s Ola’s vision for Krutrim AI?

Looking ahead, Ola intends to introduce Krutrim Pro, an advanced multimodal AI model, in the next quarter. This version will offer more sophisticated problem-solving and task execution. Aggarwal envisions India as a global AI leader, with Krutrim catalyzing an AI-first economy and a tool for cultural expression.

When will Krutrim AI be available?

Krutrim’s website is now live for user registrations, with the base model available next month and APIs releasing in February. As a homegrown solution, Krutrim AI stands out for its deep integration of Indian cultural and linguistic elements, poised to redefine the AI landscape and contribute significantly to India’s economy and cultural identity.

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