Bold Or Desperate? Job Seeker Offers $500 To Wingify Founder To Get Hired: 'If I Don't Prove Myself…You Can Fire Me And Keep The Money'

In a unique turn of events, a job applicant offered to pay Paras Chopra, the founder of Wingify, $500 if hired. The applicant’s bold move has sparked a debate on social media.

What Happened: The applicant, in a message to Chopra, proposed to pay him $500 (approximately ₹41,000) if hired by Wingify. If the applicant failed to prove his worth within the first week, Chopra would be free to dismiss him and keep the money.

The applicant’s message read, “I want to work at Wingify. I have a unique proposition for you. I’ll pay you $500 to hire me. If I don’t prove myself to be one of the best within a week you can fire me & keep the money. Saying this so I’ll have skin in the game & not to waste your team's time.”

The message ended with, “Looking forward to your rejection.”

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Chopra, impressed by the pitch, shared the message on X and wrote, “This is how you get attention! (Obviously won't take money but very impressed with the pitch).”

The reaction in the comments section was mixed, with some praising the attention-grabbing job application and others expressing concerns about the precedent it might set.

Why It Matters: This is not the first time that job seekers have gone to great lengths to stand out. In a recent incident, the CEO of an American company received a pizza along with an applicant's CV and a letter explaining why he should be hired as an intern.

The job market in India has seen various individuals take drastic measures to stand out. For instance, a tech executive at Microsoft, Ruchit Garg, left his lucrative job which paid $1 crore a year to pursue entrepreneurship, indicating a shift towards self-employment and innovation.

Similarly, Dilkhush Kumar built Bihar’s own Uber alternative after facing rejection.

Meanwhile, the current job market scenario, which has led to Indian students in Canada resorting to drugs due to dwindling job prospects further underscores the pressures and challenges faced by job seekers.

The move by the Wingify job applicant reflects a broader trend of individuals taking unconventional paths to secure employment in a competitive and often unforgiving job landscape.

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