ChatGPT Curiosity To Bollywood Gossip: Here's What Alexa Answered For India In 2023

Indian users increasingly turned to Alexa as their reliable virtual assistant in 2023, showing a significant 37% surge in queries. This broad spectrum of questions ranged from trending topics like ChatGPT to Bollywood buzz.

What Happened? From historical facts and global events to artificial intelligence, Alexa fielded a diverse array of questions. Amazon’s report highlighted the curiosity around AI, particularly ChatGPT, a rapidly growing app globally developed by OpenAI. Users also delved into Bollywood, eager for the latest gossip and facts about celebrities’ net worth and ages, focusing on stars like Alia Bhatt, Shah Rukh Khan, and cricket superstar Virat Kohli.

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The entertainment sector dominated user interests, with requests for famous movie dialogues and updates on blockbuster hits like “Pathaan.” Alexa also emerged as a culinary advisor, offering recipes for popular dishes such as biryani and butter chicken. Its musical recommendations spanned from Bollywood hits to regional favourites in Telugu and Tamil.

Users didn’t shy away from engaging Alexa’s lighter side, asking playful questions about its personal life, from its relationship status to its dancing skills. Sports updates were another key area, with Alexa providing real-time scores and news across various sports.

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