Zomato Delivered Lucknow's Galouti Kebab In Gurgaon In 30 Mins — Now It's Getting Sued

Food delivery giant, Zomato, is under scrutiny as a customer has filed a lawsuit challenging the authenticity of its ‘Legends’ service. The customer, Sourav Mall, received a ‘fresh’ kebab from Lucknow at his Gurgaon residence within 30 minutes, sparking doubts about the service’s credibility.

What Happened: Sourav Mall, a Zomato user based in Gurgaon, has raised questions about the company’s ‘Legends’ service, which promises to deliver food from various cities across India in a short span of time, irrespective of the distance. Mall’s scepticism was triggered when he received a hot and fresh kebab from Lucknow, a city located 500 kilometres away, in just 30 minutes. The incident led him to file a lawsuit against Zomato, as reported by The Indian Express.

Following the review of the petition, the Saket local court issued a summons to Zomato last month. Mall’s argument, presented by his lawyers, is that the food is not genuinely transported from the cities claimed, but is instead stored at various Zomato warehouses.

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Mall has urged the court to restrain Zomato from continuing the ‘Zomato Legends’ service under the promise of providing hot and authentic food from iconic restaurants. He pointed out that the food was delivered in Zomato packaging, not the restaurant partner’s, with promises of being “freshly prepared”, “travels using mobile refrigeration technology”, “not frozen”, and “no preservatives added” displayed on the bag.

His lawyers stated that the service is misleading customers. The Indian Express confirmed this claim by ordering food from Jaipur, which was delivered to Gurgaon in just 29 minutes.

Why It Matters: Zomato’s ‘Legends’ service has been a unique selling proposition for the company, attracting customers with the promise of delivering food from iconic restaurants nationwide. However, this incident raises serious questions about the integrity of the service. If Mall’s claims are substantiated, it could impact Zomato’s reputation and customer trust. Furthermore, it could lead to potential legal implications for the company, affecting its operations and financial stability.

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