WhatsApp Now Lets You Pin Messages: Here's How To Use The Feature

WhatsApp is enhancing user experience on both iOS and Android platforms with its latest feature—pinned messages. This innovative addition allows users to pin significant messages in both individual and group chats, streamlining communication by reducing time spent scrolling through chats.

However, there’s a catch: messages can only be pinned for a maximum of 30 days, with the default setting at 7 days and a minimum duration of 24 hours.

How to pin a message on WhatsApp?

Pinning a message is straightforward: users can simply swipe right on a chat on iPhone or long-press a chat on Android, then select ‘Pin’ and choose how long to keep the message pinned.

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This feature extends to all types of messages, whether text, polls, or emojis. Group chat admins have the authority to determine if only they or all group members can pin messages.

While WhatsApp’s new feature brings it in line with competitors like iMessage and Telegram, which already offer message pinning, it’s uncertain whether this feature will extend to WhatsApp Channels.

Additionally, WhatsApp is continuously evolving, recently releasing ‘View Once Voice Messages’ for sharing sensitive information and working on better Instagram integration to enable direct sharing of status updates as Instagram stories.

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