IIT Madras To Google: How This Andhra Pradesh Man Fought Past A Tragic Accident To Scale New Heights

From the rural banks of the Godavari in Andhra Pradesh to the bustling tech hubs of Google, Naga Naresh Karutura’s journey is nothing short of a cinematic saga. His life, marked by a tragic accident that cost him his legs, is a testament to the indomitable human spirit. Born to illiterate parents — his father a lorry driver and his mother a housewife – Naresh’s story is a narrative of overcoming insurmountable odds.

What Happened? In 1993, a childhood accident saw him fall from a lorry, resulting in the loss of his legs. Despite the proximity to a private hospital, it was a compassionate police constable who ensured he received the necessary care at a government facility. This incident, however, didn’t dampen his spirits. Naresh chose resilience over self-pity, leading a life filled with normalcy, laughter, and academic excellence.

Fate played its part when his family moved to Tanuku, where he attended a Missionary school, ensuring the continuation of his education. Here, he not only thrived academically but also cracked the prestigious IIT JEE with remarkable ranks, securing a spot at IIT Madras.

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What to know: His time at IIT Madras was transformative. The institution, recognizing his potential, facilitated his mobility with ramps and a powered wheelchair. Prof Idichandy and Students General Secretary Prasad, alongside generous strangers like Sundar, contributed to his education, reaffirming his belief in the goodness of people.

Naresh’s brilliance shone through, attracting job offers from giants like Morgan Stanley and Google. Choosing to follow his passion for computer science, algorithms, and game theory, he embarked on a career with Google.

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