Why This IFS Officer Credits Parents For His Success At IIT And Sister's At ISRO

Himanshu Tyagi, an Indian Forest Service officer and IIT graduate, shared a heartfelt tribute to his parents on X, highlighting the impact of good parenting and hard work on his family’s success.

What Happened: Tyagi, in a series of tweets on Monday, appreciated the efforts of his parents in shaping his and his sister’s successful careers. Despite their limited educational backgrounds, his parents instilled values of hard work and respect, resulting in their daughter becoming an Indian Space Research Organisation scientist and their son an IIT graduate.

Championing Education: Tyagi wrote in the post that his mother had studied till the eighth standard, while his father had completed his education till the 12th standard. Tyagi said they continually reminded their children that education was the only path to a bright future. He also mentioned that he and his sister “avoid vices like alcoholism,” thanks to their parents’ teachings.

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He vividly described his childhood, stating the influence of his parents’ teachings, such as waking up at 4 a.m., respecting elders and praying. The discipline was strict, with severe repercussions for bad behaviour, including cheating in exams or using abusive language.

Tyagi also highlighted the impact of his parents teaching his sister and him to work hard. His father would take him to the fields for work until the 12th standard while his sister helped their mother in animal husbandry work.

Childhood Teachings: Tyagi stressed the importance of childhood teachings, asserting, “what we become, a lot depends on what we learn from our surroundings.” His parents’ emphasis on exposure to real-life struggles shaped their children’s drive to succeed, he added.

His mother’s spirituality and belief in good values also played a significant role. Her advice to help others without expecting anything in return resonated deeply with Tyagi. His story reflects the powerful impact of good parenting in molding successful individuals, proving that “Good parenting matters.”

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