Nokia's Resurgence: HMD Global Tops Feature Phone Market In India, Reveals IDC

HMD Global, the powerhouse behind Nokia phones, has just clinched the crown in India’s feature phone market.

What Happened? According to the latest IDC Q3 2023 report, they’re leading the pack in market share by value and sitting pretty at second place by volume. This isn’t just a small win; we’re talking a whopping 30.7% market share by value and a solid 22.4% by volume.

So, what’s HMD’s secret sauce? First up, HMD brought a tech twist to its Nokia feature phones by integrating UPI (Unified Payments Interface). This smart move not only boosted the phones’ functionality but also made digital transactions a breeze.

Then there’s the refresh of their hero models. Think new designs, popping colours, and batteries that just won’t quit, perfectly in tune with what users crave – a phone that’s both stylish and lasts longer.

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Models like Nokia 105 2022, Nokia 110 and its 4G variant, Nokia 225 4G, the Nokia Xpress Music, Nokia 5710 Xpress Audio with TWS, and the Nokia 2660 Flip are all part of this winning lineup.

User-friendliness is another key to HMD’s success. They’ve focused on designs and features that resonate with a wide range of users, from tech newbies to the elderly. And let’s not forget HMD’s masterstroke – a strong offline and online presence. This has ensured that Nokia feature phones are not just visible but also easily accessible to consumers far and wide.

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