Why Anand Mahindra Paid His Tributes To Mumbai's 'Premier Padmini' Taxis Today

Mumbai’s streets are witnessing the end of an era as the iconic Premier Padmini taxis, fondly known as ‘kaali-peeli’, are being phased out. Anand Mahindra, the chairman of the Mahindra Group, took to Twitter to bid adieu to these legendary cabs.

“They were clunkers, uncomfortable, unreliable, noisy. Not much baggage capacity either. But for people of my vintage, they carried tons of memories,” he tweeted.

What to know? The Premier Padmini taxis have been an integral part of Mumbai’s charm for decades. However, following the retirement path of the BEST’s red double-decker diesel buses, these taxis are now bowing out. The last Premier Padmini was registered at the Tardeo RTO, and with the city’s cab age limit set at 20 years, Mumbai officially won't have a Premier Padmini taxi from Monday onwards.

Abdul Kareem Karsekar, the owner of the last registered Premier Padmini taxi, expressed his emotional attachment to Mint, calling it “the pride of Mumbai and life of mine.”

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This transition is part of a broader move towards modernizing the city’s transport system. The phasing out of these taxis, along with the iconic diesel-powered double-decker buses, marks a shift towards newer, more efficient, and environmentally friendly vehicles.

An emotional farewell: As Mumbai bids farewell to these nostalgic symbols of its past, Anand Mahindra’s words resonate with many. The Premier Padmini taxis, despite their quirks, have been a reliable companion for Mumbaikars, ferrying them from point A to point B, laden with memories. As they make their final journeys, they leave behind a legacy etched in the heart of the city.

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