This 48-Year Old Auto Driver From Bengaluru Wants To Complete High School After Dropping Out In 1985

In the bustling city of Bengaluru, 48-year-old auto driver Bhaskar, with his unwavering resolve, is a beacon of lifelong learning and determination. Bhaskar, originally a full-time farmer from Melukote, has been navigating the city’s streets for the past seven years, all while nurturing a relentless pursuit to master the English language.

What to Know? Bhaskar, who cleared his 10th grade in 1985, is attempting his pre-university (PU) English paper for the fifth time, a journey brought to light by social media user Nidhi Agarwal. His story resonates as a testament to his enduring spirit, with Bhaskar expressing, "I am very determined to pass the English paper, even if it takes my 100th attempt."

The Karnataka School Examination and Assessment Board’s introduction of a second supplementary exam has been a beacon of hope for Bhaskar and many like him, allowing him another chance to overcome their academic hurdles.

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Bhaskar intertwines his journey with his daily life, interspersing his auto rickshaw rides with rigorous study sessions. His evening college and his children, who converse with him in English, aid him, bolstering his vocabulary.

Despite the challenges his rural background brings in acclimating to English, unwavering optimism and a belief in the transformative power of education mark Bhaskar’s journey. His story is not just about clearing an exam; it's about breaking barriers and embracing learning at any age, inspiring many to reignite their educational aspirations.

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