Chandigarh Man Takes Google, Flipkart To Court Over Faulty Pixel Phone And Wins

In a recent ruling by the Chandigarh District Consumer Commission, tech giant Google, along with B2X Service Solutions and e-commerce platform Flipkart, was found guilty of poor service and unfair trade practices.

What Happened? The complainant, Tarun Gupta had bought a Google Pixel 4A phone from Flipkart, which soon started showing glitches. Although Google’s team initially fixed it, the phone’s proximity sensor began malfunctioning.

Despite multiple complaints and a technician’s visit, the issue remained unresolved. Google tried to distance itself, stating it doesn’t produce the Pixel phone, implying it’s an issue for its US-based parent company, Google LLC. Flipkart, on its part, claimed it’s just a platform connecting buyers and sellers, not the actual seller.

Shifting the blame: The Commission, however, wasn’t convinced. They noted that Google, a renowned brand, can’t shirk responsibility, especially when it actively markets its products in India.

As for Flipkart, the Commission emphasised that customers trust the platform, expecting quality products.

The verdict? Google, B2X, and Flipkart have to refund the complainant ₹27,003 with a 9% annual interest since the filing of the complaint. They’re also to pay an additional ₹10,000 for mental distress and legal costs.

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