Sensibull Co-Founder Lauds Gen Z For Putting Happiness Before Money

Abid Hassan, CEO and co-founder of Sensibull, India’s largest options platform, recently took to X, formerly Twitter, to share his thoughts on India’s Gen Z having a better sense of priorities than previous generations.

In a tweet on Sunday, Hassan highlighted how India’s Gen Z kids don’t make their choices solely on the basis of monetary value, though he admits they may represent a small, urban group of kids.

He noted that their approach to life is commendable. Hassan reminisced about the 80s and 90s, an era marked by limited resources, especially money, implying that this scarcity often made money the focal point of life choices for many.

Why It Matters: Hassan emphasised that the earlier generations, including his own, made many life choices driven by money, success and the insecurities surrounding them. This mindset was evident in the fierce competition for entrance exams.

In contrast, Hassan said Gen Z, having grown up in relative abundance and exposed to money early on, understands its limitations. Instead of chasing after traditional high-paying professions, many are opting for fields like design, arts, music, sports, and entrepreneurship. They prioritise happiness and are more cooperative than competitive.

This shift in mindset and priorities among the younger generation paints a hopeful picture for the future, he added.

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Editor’s Note: Artificial intelligence was used as a secondary aid in the writing of this story.

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