AI Is Coming For Programmer Jobs In India, Warns Stability AI CEO

In the next two years, a majority of outsourced programmers in India could lose their jobs due to the impact of artificial intelligence (AI), predicts Emad Mostaque, CEO of Stability AI, CNBC reported.

AI’s Impact on Jobs

During a call with UBS analysts, Mostaque stated that AI’s ability to develop software with fewer people could lead to significant job losses among India’s outsourced coders. “If you’re doing a job in front of a computer, and no one ever sees you, then it’s massively impactful because these models are like really talented grads,” he said.

Global Differences

However, the impact of AI on jobs will vary globally due to different labour laws and regulations. For instance, countries with stronger labour laws, like France, are less likely to experience such drastic changes. “In India, outsourced coders up to level three programmers will be gone in the next year or two, whereas in France, you’ll never fire a developer,” Mostaque explained.

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India’s Outsourcing Industry

India, home to over 5 million software programmers, is a prime location for companies outsourcing back-office jobs and other roles. Major customers include Silicon Valley tech giants, Wall Street banks, airlines, and retailers. Tata Consultancy Services (TCS), Infosys, and Wipro are among the country’s largest outsourcing providers.

Future of Programming

Mostaque believes that traditional coding will become obsolete as AI becomes more proficient. “Why would you have to write code where the computer can write code better? When you deconstruct the programming thing from bug testing to unit testing to ideation, an AI can do that, just better,” he said. However, he also noted that AI would serve as “co-pilots,” suggesting a shift in roles rather than complete job elimination.

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