WhatsApp Steps Up User Safety Measures In India With 6.5 Mn Account Bans

WhatsApp, the popular instant messaging platform, announced that it had taken action against over 6.5 million troublesome accounts in India in May. This action aligns with the new IT Rules 2021. Interestingly, WhatsApp proactively banned 2.42 million of these accounts before receiving any user reports from India.

What Happened? The messaging giant, with a user base of over 500 million in India, reported banning over 7.4 million problematic accounts in April. In May, WhatsApp received 3,912 reports related to grievances, including “ban appeals.” Out of these, they addressed 297 cases and took appropriate action.

The term “Accounts Actioned” denotes instances where WhatsApp either banned an account or reinstated a previously banned one. Essentially, it marks times when WhatsApp took remedial action based on received reports.

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WhatsApp’s report on user safety presents information about user complaints received, the action WhatsApp took in response, and proactive steps the platform took to combat abuse.

In other news, WhatsApp has also begun introducing QR code chat transfer support for its users. This feature lets users transfer their chats from one device to another and comes in handy when switching from an old to a new phone. However, this feature only works if both devices use the same operating system.

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