AI and Ovation: How PM Modi's Smart Play On Words Celebrating India-US Relations Earned Him Applause

During a joint session of the US Congress on Thursday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi drew a parallel between the swift progression in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the growing ties between India and the United States. He ingeniously created a dual-purpose acronym – “AI,” signifying both “Artificial Intelligence” and “America and India.”

What Happened? “In the past few years, there have been many advances in Al – Artificial Intelligence. At the same time, there have been even more momentous developments in another Al – America and India,” PM Modi said. His comments reflect the recent surge in AI innovation and collaborations between the two nations.

AI, a field in computer science where machines mimic human intelligence, is changing many sectors, including healthcare, education, and transportation. Today, AI technology is enabling everything from voice-activated virtual assistants to self-driving cars.

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India, with its vast IT talent pool, is playing a significant role in this technological revolution. Similarly, the United States, home to tech giants such as Google and IBM, is a leading player in AI development. The collaboration between these two countries has the potential to accelerate AI advancements even further.

PM Modi’s allusion to AI development came just a day after Prabhakar Raghavan, Google's senior vice president, dismissed calls for a halt in AI development as "uncalled for, for now." He argued that AI regulations should stem from an in-depth, scientific understanding of the technology.

As a part of Sundar Pichai‘s leadership team at Alphabet, Raghavan advocates for AI regulations that can maintain a delicate balance. These regulations should not only stimulate innovation but also take into account AI’s potential to spur economic growth in countries like India.

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