No Pause Button Needed For AI Development, Says Google Senior SVP Prabhakar Raghavan

Google’s senior vice president, Prabhakar Raghavan, has labelled cries for a halt in AI development as “uncalled for, for now” adding that AI regulations should emerge from a scientific and profound understanding of the technology.

What Happened? Raghavan, a member of Sundar Pichai‘s leadership team at Alphabet, believes that AI regulations need to strike a balance between encouraging innovation and considering its ability to boost economies like India’s.

During an interview with ET, Raghavan suggests that the next successful Indian startup could be one that addresses the unique needs of Indian users, such as logistics solutions for deliveries to remote locations.

Thus far, Google has created several India-first products, such as Google Pay, offline maps, flood forecast warnings, and map directions for two-wheelers, which are now finding users in other regions too. With generative AI emerging, Raghavan sees new opportunities for Google’s products, particularly in areas like India and Bangladesh.

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Despite Google’s extensive use of generative AI, Raghavan dismisses the need to pause its development. He proposes engaging with prominent scientists who understand the technology thoroughly. Raghavan also believes that small companies in the AI ecosystem can compete with larger firms like Google, Microsoft or OpenAI by utilizing multiple language learning models for a broad range of applications.

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