What Is Bisleri's Share Price And How To Buy

India's go-to bottled drinking water brand Bisleri has been in the country for over half a century now. The brand is synonymous with mineral water. The brand has been in the news recently as its 80-year-old chairperson Ramesh Chauhan looked for a possible successor. Chauhan also looked for potential buyers as his daughter Jayanti Chauhan refused to take over the family business.

The talk of the sale included huge names such as Tata Consumer Products Ltd. However, the deal could not go through, and Chauhan revealed that his daughter will eventually be taking over the business. Now, with all this buzz around the age-old brand, we take a deep dive into the company and bring you details on how you as an investor can get in on the action.

Bisleri Company History

The original owner of the Bisleri brand was Signor Felice Bisleri, who envisioned the drink to be an alcohol remedy. The brand as a bottled drinking water product was launched in the country in 1965 by Khushroo Suntook – an India-based lawyer and friend of Felice Bisleri.

It was in 1969, that the brand came under its current owner, the Parle Group, controlled by the Chauhan family. Since then, the owners of Bisleri have been members of the Chauhan Family. Jayantilal Chauhan bought the company for around ₹4 lakh, the brand is today estimated to be valued around ₹7,000 crore.

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How To Invest In Bisleri Shares

Bisleri is not a listed company in the Indian share market, so it would not be possible for you to invest in Bisleri shares or check the Bisleri share price. However, Bisleri's bottler Orient Beverages which is the franchisee of the company for West Bengal and Jharkhand region is listed on the share market.

So, if you are someone looking to invest in Bisleri shares, you may want to give Orient Beverages shares a look. An instance that can give an idea of how the share price of the company is linked with Bisleri developments, would be to see how the shares of Orient Beverages reacted late last year when news of a deal with Tata Group made headlines. But one should note that it is still a separate company and thus not be mistaken as a like-for-like alternative to investing in Bisleri shares. It also only has a small association with the company and should not be considered a parameter to gauge the possible Bisleri share price. Now that we have that out of the way, let’s get into it.

Orient Beverages' share price zoomed up 80% in a month over reports the possible acquisitions in November 2022. The company had also issued a clarification to the exchanges on the sudden price jump stating that there are reports "that the ‘Tata Group' is in the process of acquisition or has acquired trade brand ‘Bisleri.' This may be one of the reasons for the fluctuation in the price of the script."

Now, if Bisleri were also listed on the stock market, the Bisleri share price would also have been affected by the news of the merger, and even by the subsequent call-off. However, there have been no talks or rumors about the company looking for an IPO anytime soon, so it might be quite some time before you can get an opportunity to buy Bisleri shares or check the Bisleri share price.

Alternate Investment Idea: Tata Consumer Products

An alternative idea for investment in the packaged water segment could be investing in Tata Consumer shares. The company has recently revealed that after the deal fell through, it is now looking to focus on strengthening its own existing water brands Tata Copper+ and Himalayan Mineral Water.

The Bisleri-Tata deal falling apart did impact Tata Consumer's share price. Since the start of the year, Tata Consumer's share price has slumped by around 7%. However, the Tata Group company has given great returns to investors for the past few years. Tata Consumer's share price has gone up over 160% in the past three years, from ₹250 levels in March 2020 to ₹700 levels in April 2023.

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