Nothing To Watch? Anand Mahindra Recommends This Period Drama On Disney Hotstar

Industrialist Anand Mahindra recently took to X (formerly Twitter) to express his admiration for Disney’s mini-series ‘Shogun‘, praising its quality and compelling narrative.

What Happened: On Tuesday, Mahindra shared his thoughts on the mini-series ‘Shogun’ after finishing the series. He was particularly impressed by the quality of the show, the exquisite camerawork, and the gripping narrative. He also lauded the dialogue, comparing it to Haiku poetry in its simplicity and profundity.

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According to Mahindra, the series’ pace, akin to Japanese culture, is measured but captivating enough to provoke binge-watching. He further added that it’s rare to witness such high-standard cinema in a television series.

Shōgun is an adaptation of James Clavell’s epic historical novel. Set in early 17th-century Japan, the story follows English navigator John Blackthorne, who washes ashore in Japan and becomes entangled in the country’s complex feudal society. As he navigates the cultural and political landscape, he becomes a key player in the power struggle between Toranaga, an ambitious daimyo seeking to become Shogun and his rivals. The series explores themes of honour, betrayal, and cultural clash, offering a dramatic portrayal of this pivotal period in Japanese history.

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