Has NASA Warned About An Asteroid Going To Hit Earth In 2038? No...

Several social media users on Monday shared posts regarding a supposed NASA warning regarding an asteroid that could hit the planet in July 2038.

What Happened: This however is not true. NASA has raised concerns about humanity’s preparedness for a potential asteroid impact, based on findings from the fifth biennial Planetary Defense Interagency Tabletop Exercise.

The exercise is hypothetical. The space agency has also said that currently there are no known threats of this kind. However, the exercise has revealed major gaps in our readiness to respond to an asteroid threat even with substantial warning time.

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In the exercise, participants faced a scenario where a newly detected asteroid, with a 72% chance of striking Earth in 14 years, posed a potential threat. Despite the long lead time, initial observations were insufficient to determine the asteroid’s exact size, composition and trajectory, highlighting the complexities and uncertainties involved in planetary defence.

These tabletop exercises are designed to simulate responses to various asteroid impact scenarios, ranging from minor regional damage to potential global catastrophes. They provide valuable insights into the risks and challenges posed by such events and help identify response options and opportunities for international collaboration.

NASA’s findings emphasise the need for improved detection, tracking, and mitigation strategies to address asteroid threats effectively. The agency continues to advocate for enhanced global coordination and investment in planetary defence initiatives to ensure better preparedness for future potential asteroid impacts.

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