'How Did Amazon Take Over India?' Former Snapdeal Exec Explains

Amazon’s success in e-commerce business in India was by tweaking the model they have done all over the world for India and ensuring the best customer experience, said Mohit Sadaani, co-founder of Moms Co, a mother and baby health care company. He also worked at Snapdeal as vice president-growth. 

What Happened: Sadaani explained in a podcast with Raj Shamani that Amazon won the e-commerce race by using the experience they have gained while building an e-commerce business around the world and being the best customer service-based company in the world. 

When Shamani asked him why Snapdeal tanked in India, the entrepreneur answered that you should ask the opposite question, “How did Amazon come and take over India.” Sadaani also said that several people in the e-commerce space at that time had predicted that Amazon would fail because it doesn’t understand India. He stated that as we know now, that did not happen. He told Shamani that not only he is a prime member, but most people in his circles are.

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"Amazon has solved the e-commerce problem very deeply around the world and they just tweaked it for India. All the other companies have to figure out how to solve this for India. Amazon has decades of experience coming from other countries, with super smart people and unlimited capital. They just solved it better than anybody else. They were almost guaranteed to win from the start. If you take a 20-30-year horizon and copy the same process you have done in other countries with the same people who solved this elsewhere. I can come and do it." he further explained. 

The former Snapdeal exec also shared an experience when he started his own company of how Amazon takes care of its customers. 

"When we were in the third month of Mom's Co. We launched 4 products on Amazon. When one of our shipments got stuck, we called the relationship manager and he didn't bother because we were too small. Someone in my team got frustrated and sent a mail to Jeff Bezos, saying we are the seller, you are not solving this issue and our customers are complaining that they are not getting the product. Jeff Bezos forwarded it and it got solved the next day.", he said. 

"You will hear this consistently whenever a customer complains on Amazon, they will do everything possible to make sure the customer has an amazing experience.", Sadaani added. 

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