Jobseeker Asks To Be Hired So He Can Marry 'Childhood Love', Internet Bats For Him To Get The Job

While job applications and hiring processes can be stressful for both job seekers and recruiters alike, it can be refreshing to come across applicants who don’t take themselves too seriously and spice up their submissions with some humour.

What Happened: Dipalie Bajaj, the founder of Arva Health, recently shared a humorous anecdote about a job application she received, highlighting the lighter side of the hiring process.

On Sunday, Bajaj took to Twitter to share an amusing response from a job applicant. The applicant humorously stated that securing the job was crucial to their personal life, as their childhood love’s father had set it as a precondition for their marriage.

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The image attached to Bajaj’s tweet read: “I believe I bring a unique blend of Full stack that aligns well with the requirements of this role. Also if I don’t get this job I would never marry my childhood love because her father say u will only marry her if you have a job.”

Bajaj shared the image with the caption “hiring can be fun too,” clearly seeing the funny side to what could have otherwise been another boring application to sift through.

It also underscores the importance of job security in personal life decisions, albeit in a humorous way. The anecdote shared by Bajaj is a reminder of the human element in the corporate world, and the unique motivations that drive individuals in their career pursuits.

Most comments on the thread were supportive of the applicant’s jovial take and egged Bajaj on to hire the jobseeker.

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