5 Important Life Lessons Mamaearth CEO Ghazal Alagh Learned From 'Getting To Yes'

In the world of startups and relentless competition, the art of negotiation is invaluable. Ghazal Alagh, CEO of the successful personal care brand Mamaearth, credits the book "Getting to Yes" by Roger Fisher for transforming her approach to business negotiations. Here are five pivotal lessons she learned from this influential read that could change the way you handle your next big deal.

1. Seek To Understand What The Other Person Wants, Not Just What They Say They Want.

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It’s easy to take statements at face value during negotiations, but Alagh emphasizes the importance of digging deeper. Understanding the underlying motivations of the other party can reveal hidden possibilities for agreement and cooperation that might not be immediately obvious. It’s about reading between the lines and understanding the needs behind the words.

2. Treat problems and people separately; the person is not the problem.

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Ghazal Alagh learned to maintain a professional demeanour by separating the person from the problem. This approach helps prevent personal attacks and keeps discussions productive. By focusing on the issue at hand rather than the individual's traits or past actions, negotiators can foster a cooperative, rather than confrontational, environment.

3. Be nice, listen, and try to understand the other party’s perspective.

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Empathy goes a long way in negotiations. Alagh advocates for a kind and understanding approach, actively listening to the other party. This can not only pave the way for better mutual understanding but also make the other party feel respected and valued, which can lead to more amicable negotiations.

4. Ask questions like “Why is it important to you?” to help them gain clarity.

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Asking insightful questions can illuminate the negotiation process, reveals Alagh. When parties articulate their reasons, it not only clarifies their stance to the opponent but often to themselves as well. This method facilitates deeper understanding and can lead to breakthroughs in deadlock situations.

5. Marry their needs with yours for a better negotiation outcome.

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Finally, the essence of negotiation is finding a mutually beneficial solution. Ghazal Alagh has mastered the art of aligning her company’s needs with those of others to create agreements that satisfy all parties involved. This strategy not only concludes negotiations successfully but also builds strong, lasting business relationships.

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