How This Tech Influencer Recovered His Phones After They Were Stolen During An Outing With His Wife

A tech influencer shared a harrowing experience on X about losing two phones, including an iPhone 13, during a visit to the crowded Jama Masjid in Delhi, before finally recovering them thanks to a security feature in one of the stolen phones.

What Happened: The influencer, who likes to go by the name Tech Star Shahrukh recently shared a gripping story about how he managed to recover his stolen phones after a visit to Jama Masjid for a Ramadan iftar.

Soon after reaching the bustling area, Shahrukh and his wife realized that two of their smartphones—an Apple iPhone 13 and a Xiaomi Civi 2 — were missing from their bag. Despite the busy crowd and previous warnings about thefts, they didn’t lose hope.

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Luckily, the thief hadn’t managed to turn off the Xiaomi phone, thanks to its “Shutdown Confirmation” feature that requires a password to power down the phone. Shahrukh quickly used the “Find My Device” feature available on Xiaomi’s website to locate the phone. To his relief, the phone started ringing audibly, leading them to find it near Gate No. 2 of the mosque.

From this nerve-wracking experience, Shahrukh gleaned some crucial lessons about keeping electronics safe in crowded places. He mentions his luck in the matter since the thieves didn’t think about removing the SIM card from a phone, as that would have landed a major blow in recovery efforts. The influencer also recommends carrying expensive gadgets in a secure chest bag rather than a regular backpack. Moreover, he emphasizes the importance of enabling security features like “Shutdown Confirmation” on devices.

Reflecting on the incident, Shahrukh shared, “Even though we got our phones back. That day still haunts us. It was pure horror. With some luck, some quick thinking, some patience & help of Allah, We were able to get it back. If thieves would have been more intelligent,
we would have lost it.”

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