Mother And Daughter In Assam Ace Class X Board Exams Together

In a heartening story from Assam, a mother-daughter duo has emerged victorious in their Class X board exams, studying from the same school. The tale of 34-year-old Mazia Khatun and her daughter Afsana Begum is nothing short of awe-inspiring.

What Happened: Khatun, a resident of Silamari village in Assam’s Biswanath district, and her daughter Afsana Begum, both students of FA Ahmed High School, passed their exams in the second division. The results were declared on Saturday, the story was first reported by the Times of India.

Mazia, who had to abandon her studies 18 years ago due to her marriage, is now an Anganwadi worker. She scored 49% while her daughter Afsana scored 52% in the exams. Despite her personal success, Mazia has expressed no desire to continue her studies but is determined to ensure her children pursue higher education without any hindrances.

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Mazia’s story is a testament to the power of education and the lengths a parent can go to ensure a better future for their children. Despite having to abandon her own education, she has not only returned to complete her studies but also ensured her daughter’s success.

This story is particularly significant given the socio-economic challenges faced by many in Assam’s rural areas. Mazia’s determination to ensure her children’s education, despite her own limitations, is a beacon of hope for many in similar situations.

Furthermore, this story highlights the importance of adult education and the role it can play in empowering individuals, especially women, in rural areas. Mazia’s success as an Anganwadi worker and a student is a shining example of the potential of adult education to transform lives and communities.

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