Top 10 Green Energy Stocks in India

In the quest for a sustainable future, the shift towards green energy is more than a trend; it’s a global imperative.

India, with its vast potential for renewable resources, stands at the forefront of this transformative journey. The country’s commitment to increasing its renewable energy capacity has paved the way for the rise of several key players in the sector.

This article delves into the top 10 green energy stocks in India, offering insights into the companies that are not just contributing to a greener planet but also presenting intriguing opportunities for investors.

The Rise of Renewable Energy in India

India’s journey towards renewable energy is a remarkable story of ambition and progress.

With one of the world’s largest renewable energy expansion programs, India aims to achieve 450 gigawatts by 2030.

This ambitious push is driven by the need to meet growing energy demands, reduce dependence on fossil fuels, and address climate change concerns. The government’s supportive policies, including incentives for solar and wind energy projects, have catalysed significant growth in the sector.

Investment Trends in Renewable Energy

The renewable energy sector in India has become a hotspot for investments, driven by the sector’s potential for robust growth and government incentives. The landscape of investments highlights several key trends:

  • Surge in FDI: The sector has seen a significant increase in Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), reflecting global confidence in India's renewable energy market.
  • Public and Private Sector Involvement: Both public and private entities are heavily investing in renewables, with major corporations and public sector companies announcing large-scale renewable energy projects.
  • Innovative Financing: Green bonds and new financing mechanisms are being explored to support the capital-intensive nature of renewable energy projects.

These investment trends underscore the economic viability and attractiveness of the renewable energy sector, marking a shift towards sustainable and long-term investment strategies in India’s energy landscape.

Top 10 Green Energy Stocks In India

1. Adani Green Energy Ltd

Market cap: ₹3.02 lakh crore

Adani Green Energy leads the pack as one of the most prominent green energy stocks in India. A part of the diversified Adani Group, the company has established itself as a powerhouse in solar and wind energy generation.

With an ambitious goal to achieve a substantial capacity of renewable energy, Adani Green is rapidly expanding its portfolio across various states in India. The company's strategy focuses on securing large-scale solar projects and wind-solar hybrid projects, making it a pivotal player in India’s green revolution.

2. NTPC Ltd

Market cap: ₹3.51 lakh crore

NTPC Ltd, traditionally known for its significant contributions to India’s thermal power sector, is making strides in renewable energy.

As India’s largest power utility, NTPC’s pivot towards green energy underscores the country’s shifting priorities towards sustainable energy sources.

The company is actively investing in solar, wind, and hydro projects, aiming to diversify its energy mix. NTPC's commitment to expanding its green energy portfolio makes it a key stock for investors looking at the renewable sector.

3. Tata Power

Market cap: ₹1.37 lakh crore

Tata Power, one of India's largest integrated power companies, is at the vanguard of the green energy transition. With a diverse portfolio that includes solar, wind and hydroelectric power generation, Tata Power is committed to increasing its renewable energy footprint.

The company’s focus on solar rooftop solutions and electric vehicle charging infrastructure underscores its innovative approach to embracing green energy solutions.

Tata Power’s strategic investments in renewable energy make it a compelling option for investors interested in green energy stocks.

4. JSW Energy

Market cap: ₹1.07 lakh crore

JSW Energy Ltd has made significant inroads into the renewable energy space with its investments in solar and hydroelectric power.

The company's strategic shift towards green energy is aligned with its vision to contribute to India's renewable energy targets.

JSW Energy's diversified energy portfolio, which includes a mix of thermal and renewable energy projects, provides a balanced investment opportunity for those interested in green energy stocks.

5. Suzlon Energy

Market cap: ₹56,826 crore

Suzlon Energy Ltd, a global leader in wind energy, has a strong presence in the Indian market. The company designs and manufactures wind turbines and offers a suite of services that cover the entire lifecycle of wind energy projects.

Suzlon's commitment to innovation and sustainability has helped it secure a significant share of the wind energy market in India. As a pioneer in the field, Suzlon Energy stands out as a prime candidate for investors interested in green energy stocks.

6. Inox Wind Energy

Market cap: ₹7,000 crore

Inox Wind Energy Ltd specializes in the manufacture of wind turbine generators and provides comprehensive solutions including wind resource assessment, project development and maintenance services.

The company's integrated business model and expertise in the wind sector make it a competitive player in the renewable energy market. For investors exploring green energy stocks with a focus on wind energy, Inox Wind presents a compelling proposition.

7. Borosil Renewables Ltd

Market cap: ₹6,949 crore

As the only manufacturer of solar glass in India, Borosil Renewables Ltd occupies a unique position in the green energy ecosystem.

The company’s products are critical components for solar photovoltaic panels, making it an essential player in the supply chain of the solar industry.

Borosil Renewables' commitment to quality and innovation has helped it secure a dominant market position. For investors, this company represents a unique opportunity to invest in a niche segment within the broader renewable energy market.

8. KP Energy Ltd

Market cap: ₹2,378  crore

KP Energy Ltd is carving a niche in the wind energy sector with its specialized services ranging from site identification and wind resource assessment to the construction and maintenance of wind power projects.

The company's expertise in providing comprehensive solutions for wind energy projects positions it as a notable name among green energy stocks in India.

KP Energy's focus on leveraging advanced technologies for wind energy projects underlines its commitment to contributing to India’s renewable energy goals.

9. Websol Energy System

Market cap: ₹2,334 crore

Websol Energy System Ltd is known for its production of photovoltaic monocrystalline solar cells and modules. The company’s focus on high-efficiency solar products caters to the growing demand for reliable solar energy solutions.

With a manufacturing facility equipped with state-of-the-art technology, Websol Energy is poised for growth in the solar energy sector. Investors keen on green energy stocks with a focus on solar manufacturing will find Websol Energy an intriguing option.

10. Zodiac Energy Ltd

Market cap: ₹588  crore

Zodiac Energy Ltd offers a fresh perspective on solar energy solutions. With a strong emphasis on delivering turnkey projects, from concept to commissioning, Zodiac Energy is making significant contributions to the solar sector.

The company's projects span across various segments, including industrial, commercial, and residential, showcasing its versatility and expertise in solar energy solutions. Investors looking for a company with a robust solar project portfolio will find Zodiac Energy an attractive green energy stock.


Investing in green energy stocks is not just a financial decision; it’s a step towards contributing to a sustainable future. The companies listed here represent the diversity and potential of India’s renewable energy sector.

From solar and wind to hydroelectric power, these top 10 green energy stocks in India offer a range of opportunities for investors to participate in the country’s green energy journey.

As India continues to make strides in renewable energy, these stocks are poised for growth, driven by favourable government policies, technological advancements, and an increasing shift towards sustainable energy solutions.

The transition to green energy is an imperative step towards combating climate change and ensuring energy security. Investing in green energy stocks provides a unique opportunity to be part of this transformative journey. As the sector continues to evolve, these companies are expected to play pivotal roles in shaping India’s energy landscape, making them attractive options for investors looking to make a positive impact while seeking growth.

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