This Woman Became A Delivery Agent For Swiggy: Here's What She Learnt

A LinkedIn user recently shared her experience working as a delivery agent for Indian food delivery company, Swiggy, underscoring the company’s role in empowering the less educated.

What Happened: Namrata Singh, a product manager at Salesforce, said she had taken on the experiment of working as a delivery agent for Swiggy, detailing the various aspects of the job and the technology involved.

She noted the transparency provided to the delivery agents about the distance they would cover and the earnings they would make per delivery. She also highlighted the measures taken by Swiggy to ensure correct order delivery and the safety of the agents.

"I was completely impressed by the thoroughness of the product and operation at each step," Singh wrote. She ended her post by expressing gratitude for the delivery agents who work in various conditions to make deliveries possible.

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She also praised how effectively Swiggy addresses the issue of wrong items being delivered by implementing a delivery code on receipts, ensuring agents pick up the correct orders.

She also made mention of how tracking ensures accurate status updates for the end customer and how requiring agents to upload a picture of themselves in their Swiggy uniform at the delivery location, enhances safety measures.

Upon completion of delivery, agents are immediately shown the amount earned, providing instant gratification for their hard work, she said.

Lessons Learnt: Singh also highlighted the importance of companies like Swiggy, Urban Company, Zomato, Blinkit & Ola in creating job opportunities for the less educated segment in India, thereby contributing to the country’s economy.

“Post this short stint, I now have a massive appreciation for how much hard work goes into each order reaching our doors!” she said.

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