How Sunil Gupta Led A Little-Known Data Services Company To Become Nvidia's Biggest AI Bet In India

Yotta Data Services, once a hidden gem within the vast expanse of India’s tech landscape, has suddenly become the talk of the town. Thanks to its groundbreaking partnership with Nvidia, the global behemoth in tech, Yotta is now at the forefront of India’s AI revolution.

The alliance with Nvidia, a titan in the realms of AI and graphics, marks a pivotal moment for Yotta. The arrival of over 4,000 H100 chips at Yotta’s Mumbai hub heralds the dawn of a new era in AI development across India, empowering corporations, startups, and research bodies to tap into unparalleled computational might and spearhead innovations in AI services.

Aiming to quench the thirst for high-performance computing, Yotta, under the aegis of the Hiranandani Group, is on a mission to ramp up its GPU arsenal to a staggering 32,000 units by 2025, addressing the burgeoning needs of AI and research communities.

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Who is Sunil Gupta and what is his role at Yotta?

At the heart of Yotta’s ambitious journey is Sunil Gupta, its CEO and co-founder, celebrated as the ‘Data Centre Man of India.’ With a treasure trove of experience spanning over 27 years and the creation of more than 15 hyper-scale data centres under his belt, Gupta’s acumen is unparalleled.

Propelled by the vision of a looming data deluge powered by AI, IoT, and machine learning, Gupta embarked on the Yotta odyssey, backed by the real estate titan, Niranjan Hiranandani, in 2019.

Gupta’s forward-thinking strategies, including offering AI and computing services on a per-hour basis and inviting cash-tight startups to pay with equity, mirror his dedication to democratizing access to top-tier AI technologies. Yotta, deriving its name from the ancient Greek word for one septillion, embodies Gupta’s vision for boundless scalability and his pledge to deliver cost-effective, high-octane computing solutions to everyone.

With ambitious plans to inaugurate an AI data centre in Gujarat’s GIFT City and a promise to offer the most affordable access to Nvidia’s AI chips, Yotta is strategically positioned to overcome the hurdles of latency and cost in cloud computing.

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