India's Space Sector Reform: 100% FDI Cap Unveiled In Landmark Amendments

India’s space sector is set to soar higher as the Ministry of Commerce and Industry revises its Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Policy, paving the way for more global investment. The ministry has tweaked the rules to make investing in space enterprises a lot easier and more attractive for foreign players.

What Happened: The crux of this policy overhaul allows for a 100% FDI cap across several space sector categories, including satellite manufacturing and operations, satellite data services, and the creation of spaceports, to name a few.

Here’s the lowdown: Foreign investors can now pump money into these high-tech ventures without seeking government approval for up to 74% of their investment in satellite operations and a full 100% in other specified areas.

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Interested parties can now open the door to invest up to 49% in launching rockets and their components, with investments exceeding this percentage requiring government approval. This move aims to boost India’s space industry, attract significant foreign investment, and simplify the previously complex regulatory environment.

Why it matters: By opening up the space industry to 100% foreign investment, India is not just eyeing economic growth; it’s positioning itself as a major player on the global space technology stage. This policy update is more than just red tape-cutting — it’s an invitation to the world, signalling India’s readiness for a leap into the future of space exploration and innovation. With these changes, expect to see a surge in investment and an even brighter trajectory for India’s space ambitions.

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