Boss Tells Employee To 'F*** Off', He Does In Style

A Reddit user made headlines recently after abruptly resigning from their job following a verbal altercation with their boss, which quickly went viral on social media platforms.

Identified as CrazieIrish, the user shared their experience in a post that garnered significant attention, accumulating over 31,000 upvotes.

What Happened: According to the post, the user, who was working remotely, contacted their boss for assistance with a new computer. However, the interaction took a sour turn when the boss expressed displeasure over the user’s failure to set up the computer during their personal time, saying he should “f*** off”.

Reacting promptly, the user decided to resign, noting that they received no response to their resignation email. They detailed the incident on Reddit, emphasising their decision to quit after being verbally insulted.

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Community Response: The post triggered a wave of responses from fellow users, who shared their thoughts on the matter. Some offered humorous suggestions, while others advised the user to take a break. Concerns were raised about the impact of such confrontations on workplace dynamics.

One user recounted their own experience of quitting a job similarly, highlighting the satisfaction derived from standing up to poor management practices.

“I quit/got canned (mutually I guess) last summer. I made sure to go into the meeting the next day just to get my final check on the spot and tell the management team how f***ing terrible they are at running a restaurant. It felt good,” the user said.

Another referenced a scene from the movie Wanted where a character punches himself in the face in relation to the dramatic exit.

A third user humorously suggested that the poster should have “Seriously should have written “Thank you for your feedback, Anthony, I’ve decided to follow your advice and f*** off, effective immediately.”

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