Microsoft's Satya Nadella Lauds Indian Teachers Using AI To Make Classes More Fun

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella recently took to social media platform X to highlight how teachers in India were using artificial intelligence to aid teaching and generate lesson plans, saving time and improving outcomes.

What Happened: Nadella shared an article on Microsoft’s website that details how educators in Karnataka are employing Shiksha copilot, a generative AI digital assistant, to create lesson plans swiftly and effectively.

The AI tool, a product of Microsoft Research India in partnership with the non-profit Sikshana Foundation, can generate lesson plans, including activities, videos and quizzes in mere minutes.

The AI assistant is a component of Project VeLLM, an initiative aimed at creating specialised AI copilots accessible to all, from educators to farmers to small business proprietors. Shiksha AI is built on Microsoft’s Azure OpenAI Service and integrated with the school curriculum and learning objectives.

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Teachers have reportedly seen encouraging outcomes with the tool, indicating that it has significantly cut down the time spent on lesson planning. Ravindra K. Nagaiah, a science teacher at the Government Higher Primary School Venkatarayanadoddi, revealed that he used to spend up to 40 minutes crafting a single lesson plan, but with Shiksha, a new lesson can be ready within 10 minutes.

Shiksha copilot is currently undergoing testing in English and the local Kannada language by 30 teachers in 30 schools in Karnataka state. The Sikshana Foundation intends to extend the pilot to 100 schools by the end of the academic year in March.

The introduction of AI-powered tools like Shiksha in the Indian education sector marks a growing interest across the globe in using it as an aid in education.

As it improves over time, such technology could not only help teachers in their roles but also improve the quality of education by providing more engaging and interactive lesson plans.

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