How This Akola Man Who Arrived In Mumbai With ₹24 In His Pocket Went On To Become A Celebrity Photographer

Munna Thaakur’s story is a tale of relentless determination and passion. Today, as a celebrated celebrity photographer in Mumbai, Munna reflects on his journey from Akola, Maharashtra, to the glitz and glamour of photographing Bollywood’s elite, including names like Amitabh Bachchan and Salman Khan.

What to know? Born in a modest family in Akola, Munna's early life was a constant struggle against financial hardships. The eldest of three siblings, he took it upon himself to support his family. At just 14, he dropped out of school and took up various jobs, from carpentry to painting, driven by the sole aim to earn a livelihood.

In 1991, with only ₹24 in his pocket, a young Munna arrived in Mumbai. The ‘city of dreams’ initially showed him the harsh realities of life. Jobs were hard to come by, and Munna found himself delivering newspapers to make ends meet, unaware that this job would be his gateway to a brighter future.

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Munna’s break came in 1997 when he started interning at a photography studio. His fascination with photography quickly turned into a skill, thanks to his friend Bilal, who became his first model. Munna’s big moment arrived when he convinced Bollywood actor Arjun Rampal for a photo shoot, marking the beginning of his journey in celebrity photography.

Fast forward: Munna’s career gradually took off, and he found himself working with stars like Sonu Sood and Shraddha Kapoor. His portfolio grew, and so did his reputation. The city that once seemed cruel now offered him a successful career, fulfilling his dream of supporting his family with an annual income of nearly ₹25 lakh.

Reflecting on his journey, Munna says, "My biggest motivation was survival. I came to Mumbai not for fame but to earn a living. The need to survive turned into my passion, and that’s what made me who I am today." His story isn’t just about achieving dreams; it’s about the power of perseverance and finding one’s calling amidst life’s toughest challenges.

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