How Does Google's New Search Feature For Android Devices Work?

Google has introduced ‘Circle to Search’, a feature that allows users to search content directly from their phone using intuitive gestures like circling, highlighting, scribbling, or tapping. This innovation, announced at Samsung’s Galaxy S24 series launch event, aims to integrate Google Search seamlessly into everyday mobile interactions, whether watching videos, browsing photos on social apps, or texting friends.

Circle to Search: How does it work and when will be available?

Contrary to its name, ‘Circle to Search’ isn’t limited to circling gestures. It’s a versatile tool for initiating searches in various contexts. For instance, while watching a video, users can circle an item, like a Korean corn dog, and ask related questions directly.

Other gestures include tapping on a restaurant’s name during a chat to view more details or swiping across text to search a term like "thrift flip" seen in a YouTube Shorts video.

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The feature extends to visual elements too. Users can circle or scribble on items, like sunglasses in a video or boots in an image, to look up related items on Google without app switching. This functionality applies to both images and text.

Search results will vary based on the query and the Google Labs products users opt into. Traditional searches yield standard results, while ‘multisearch’ queries combining images and text utilize generative AI. Participants in Google's Search Generative Experience experiment will receive AI-driven answers.

This development simplifies searching by enabling it within any app, eliminating the need to pause activities or take screenshots for later searches.

The feature debuts on January 31 on the newly announced Galaxy S24 Series and premium Android smartphones like Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, available in all supported languages and locations. Google plans to extend this feature to more Android smartphones over time.

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