How This Actor With An MBA Degree Saved Up Funds From Gigs To Build A 50-Cr Khichdi Empire

Abha Singhaal, defying societal norms and expectations, has cooked up success with Khichdi Express, turning her passion for the humble ‘khichdi’ into a flourishing business empire.

What to know? In 2019, with a dream to make a name for herself and a determination to break free from conventional paths, she launched her venture in Hyderabad with a modest cloud kitchen. Today, her enterprise boasts 8 branches across Mumbai and Hyderabad, valued at a staggering ₹50 crores.

Abha’s journey began with a simple love for khichdi, a dish she often turned to during her financially constrained student days in London. This comfort food soon became her culinary specialty, leading her to experiment with various recipes. Post her return to India, with just ₹5,000 and an MBA in marketing, she lived frugally in Mumbai, saving every penny from her marketing job. Her first big break came from an unexpected acting gig, paying her double her monthly salary, which she bravely invested in her future.

With her partner Mahendra Kumar, Abha realized the potential of khichdi as a business idea. Pooling their life savings, they started with a diverse menu of khichdi, ranging from traditional to innovative flavours, priced affordably to serve as complete meals.

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The COVID-19 pandemic further highlighted the health benefits of khichdi, driving up demand for Khichdi Express. Abha recalls the joy and satisfaction of serving healing meals to hospitals and isolation centres, delivering comfort to recovering patients.

The spice trail ahead: Despite initial scepticism about a business centred around khichdi, Abha’s perseverance and innovative approach have paid off. She plans to expand Khichdi Express to 300 more branches nationwide and eventually take it to international shores.

Abha’s story is a testament to the power of believing in oneself and taking risks. She encourages especially women to step out of their comfort zones and pursue their dreams, regardless of societal expectations. Her success story with Khichdi Express is not just about building a business but about crafting an inspiring narrative of self-reliance and entrepreneurial spirit.

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