Air India Boosts Passenger Experience With AI-Powered WhatsApp Service: Here's What It Can Do

Air India has launched AI.g, an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-powered virtual travel assistant, now available on WhatsApp.

What to know? This assistant is designed to streamline the travel experience by providing quick responses to a wide range of travel-related questions and enabling access to various features, as per the airline’s recent statement.

“By integrating AI.g with WhatsApp, we are fulfilling our promise to our customers. The convenience and immediacy of WhatsApp dovetail with our vision for customer service. Our goal is to be present where our guests are, offering them timely, pertinent support and information around the clock,” Air India explained.

Rajesh Dogra, Chief Customer Experience Officer at Air India, emphasized the airline’s ongoing efforts to enhance every aspect of the travel journey, making it as smooth and pleasant as possible for passengers.

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What does the assistant do? Utilizing AI.g via WhatsApp, Air India’s guests can effortlessly acquire real-time flight updates, baggage information, boarding passes, and e-tickets, select seats, follow up on customer support issues, and navigate through a myriad of common travel questions. This facility substantially reduces the need for direct interaction with customer service representatives.

AI.g is proficient in four languages — Hindi, English, French, and German — enabling a broad range of guests to interact with ease. It’s accessible through the WhatsApp number (+91) 96670 34444 and leverages generative AI to engage with users in a conversational, human-like manner. The assistant also evolves by learning from each interaction, thereby improving its service over time.

This innovation not only accelerates response times for routine inquiries but also allows Air India’s human staff to focus on complex and more nuanced customer interactions.

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