Dosa Costs ₹600 At Mumbai Airport: Netizens Lose Their Minds

A viral video showcasing the exorbitant price of masala dosa at Mumbai airport has sparked widespread astonishment online, with opinions divided across commentators.

What Happened: The short clip, posted by the Instagram handle Chef Don India, showed a digital display menu at an eatery, where a basic masala dosa with buttermilk costs ₹600, while opting for a “benne khali” dosa comes at ₹620. Prices escalate further if one chooses filter coffee or lassi as a beverage.

The video, exhibiting dosa preparation with what viewers termed “dry” masala stuffing, has amassed over 9 million views and numerous comments on Instagram. Reactions predominantly express shock at the steep cost, with some noting that the dosa’s appearance and taste don’t justify the high price.

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“Don’t even pay for this stuff not even material wud cost 400 per dosa (sic),” one commenter said. Another commentator expressed her disappointment with the quality even at the high price point, saying “And still really bad in taste, not to forget dry potato stuffing.” Others humorously equated the dosa’s cost to the price of gold or silver.

Several users highlighted the recurring trend of high dosa prices, citing a recent incident where a Zomato employee expressed disbelief at paying ₹1000 for two dosas at a popular Gurugram restaurant.

The Other Side: However, there were a few commentators who also attempted to explain why outlets at airports charge such high prices, given that they must bear many more costs than ordinary restaurants.

“Who says you are paying for only the food cost? You are paying for the operations cost, infrastructure cost, convenience cost, high rent, security cost, super high tax, utilities, high maintenance cost, the staff cost itself is high (it’s not a street stall where you can call a chhotu), and so much more…. You are consuming not just food but all these services. So you have to pay for them,” one user said.

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