Amul Clears Air On AI-Generated 'Sharam' Cheese Images Being Circulated Online

India’s beloved dairy brand, Amul, recently found itself embroiled in a misinformation controversy due to a fake AI-generated image of a non-existent cheese variant named ‘Sharam’ (meaning “shame” in Hindi). The image, which spread online, featured a mustard-yellow packet adorned with Amul’s logo and the word ‘Sharam’ prominently displayed, leading to confusion among some consumers.

What Happened? Amul quickly responded to this situation, firmly stating that the image was unauthorized and cautioning the public to stay alert. The company emphasized that the image was a product of misinformation, not representing any real Amul product.

The incident sparked reactions on social media, with users quickly recognizing the image’s inauthenticity. Even Paytm chief Vijay Shekhar Sharma chimed in with a humorous remark, dismissing the idea of a ‘Sharam’ cheese.

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A rampant 2023 trend: This episode joins a growing trend of AI-generated fake images causing confusion and controversy online. Deepfake technology, notorious for producing misleading videos and images of celebrities, is now targeting brands like Amul.

Amul’s swift and proactive response to this incident aligns with its track record of quickly addressing misinformation. Earlier this year, the company actively dispelled false claims about fungus in its Lassi packs, asserting that the circulated video was fabricated.

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