This Mid Cap Is Gaining On Rolling Out Fresh Responsible AI Solution

Digital services firm Coforge on Monday announced a “responsible AI solution” that aims to address the growing need for ethical and transparent use of artificial intelligence in businesses, sending shares higher.

What Happened: Coforge’s Quasar Responsible AI offers a solution to ensures AI applications adhere to ethical standards, fairness, transparency, and regulatory compliance. The tool identifies biases, potential risks, and compliance issues while providing tools for effective governance and mitigation.

The Quasar Responsible AI solution includes five offerings:

  1. Fairness AI: Ensures equity through powerful bias detection and mitigation.
  2. Explainable AI: Enhances transparency through data analysis.
  3. Compliance AI: Provides services for risk analysis, third-party AI risk management, and regulatory compliance.
  4. Trust AI: Establishes a secure environment through data protection and robust governance.
  5. Governance AI: Monitors and addresses issues like drift detection and data integrity analysis.

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The company’s existing portfolio includes Quasar Cognitive AI, covering machine learning, computer vision, natural language processing, speech-to-text/text-to-speech, and knowledge graphs. With Quasar Responsible AI, Coforge said it now provides a comprehensive suite, meeting diverse business needs.

Why It Matters: The company believes that these offerings create a practical framework for organizations to responsibly leverage AI, promoting a more equitable, secure and trustworthy AI-powered environment.

Responsible AI has been in focus recently amid the proliferation of newer and more powerful AI models, with the European Union agreeing on a landmark act to regulate AI.

Price Action: Coforge’s shares were up 1.66% at ₹5,878.90 around noon on Monday.

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