Microsoft India Announces 6% Price Hike On Business Software Starting February

In a recent announcement, Microsoft India has declared a 6% price increase on its business software products effective from the 1st of February. As reported, this move will impact a variety of Microsoft’s software products used by businesses all over India.

What Happened: Starting in February, Microsoft India will increase the prices of its business software solutions by 6%, affecting a wide range of software products used by businesses throughout India

The company did not give specific reasons for the upcoming price increase. However, it’s clear that this decision will have a significant impact on many businesses, both small and large, that depend on Microsoft’s software for their daily operations.

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Why It Matters: Although the specific reasons behind the price hike were not disclosed, it’s certain that this move will have implications for various businesses across India. The 6% increase could add considerable expense for smaller businesses in particular, many of which rely heavily on Microsoft’s software products for their day-to-day functioning.

For larger businesses, the hike might not pose a significant threat, but it could still lead to a reassessment of software budgets and investments. This move could also push businesses to explore other software alternatives that offer similar solutions at a lower cost.

It is also worth noting that the increase may not impact Xbox purchases just yet.

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