Here's Why Paytm CEO Vijay Shekhar Sharma Is Excited About The New Amazon Q Business AI Assistant

Paytm CEO Vijay Shekhar Sharma in a post on X on Wednesday lauded Amazon’s new business-oriented AI assistant, hailing it as a new page in enterprise AI.

What Happened: Sharma said in the post: “This is legit enterprise AI — #RAG is here.” RAG generally refers to Retrieval-augmented generation, which is an artificial intelligence (AI) framework that retrieves data from external sources of knowledge to improve the quality of responses. 

Amazon CEO, Andy Jassy, unveiled a new AI-powered assistant, Amazon Q, designed specifically for businesses, in a recent tweet.

Jassy announced the launch of Amazon Q, a generative AI assistant tailored for work environments. The assistant is designed to provide fast answers to crucial business questions, solve problems, generate content, and perform actions using company’s data and enterprise systems.

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He emphasised that Amazon Q could streamline tasks, accelerate decision-making, and spark creativity and innovation at work. He also assured that the new assistant respects user permissions and maintains privacy and security.

In his tweet, Jassy stressed, “Amazon Q is both your expert for building on AWS, and for analysing your business.”

Why It Matters: The introduction of Amazon Q is a significant step towards integrating AI technology into workplaces. As per the company, Amazon Q can understand and respect existing identities, roles, and permissions, personalising its interactions based on these parameters. It also guarantees that if a user doesn't have permission to access certain data without Amazon Q, they won't be able to access it using the AI assistant either. This feature addresses a major concern regarding data security in AI integrations.

“From day one, we've designed Amazon Q to meet stringent enterprise customers' requirements—none of their content is used to improve the underlying models,” Jassy added in his tweet.

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