Why LTIMindtree Shares Are In Focus Today

LTIMindtree, a global leader in technology consulting and digital solutions, saw its shares on the up on Friday after the company took a significant leap into the future of cybersecurity by launching a cutting-edge Quantum-Safe Virtual Private Network (VPN) link at its London office.

What to know? This quantum-secure communications system safeguards data transmission against the emerging threat of “harvest now, decrypt later” attacks.

This Quantum-Safe VPN, developed in partnership with Quantum Xchange and Fortinet, showcases the practical use of Post-Quantum Cryptography (PQC) in a live network. It integrates quantum-based key generation and out-of-band key delivery, fortified by PQC algorithms poised for standardization by NIST.

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Quantum Xchange contributes quantum hardware and software for key generation and management, while Fortinet’s FortiGate firewall provides VPN functionality, integrating quantum-safe keys with standard VPN protocols. LTIMindtree’s expertise in integration and domain knowledge ensures the successful operation of the Quantum-Safe VPN link across its active network.

This venture by LTIMindtree, Quantum Xchange, and Fortinet not only bolsters data security but also prepares businesses for the quantum era. It represents a pioneering effort in demonstrating the practicality and advantages of quantum-safe communication solutions in real-world settings.

Price Action: LTIMindree shares were trading 0.60% higher at ₹5,504.00 after markets opened for trading on Friday.

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