Will Satya Nadella Buy Australia To Cope With World Cup Loss? He Says 'That Would Be Like...'

Satya Nadella, Microsoft’s cricket-loving CEO, was among the countless fans who watched India’s impressive win over New Zealand in the World Cup semi-final, only to face heartbreak as Australia clinched the finals. Amidst this cricket fervour, Nadella found himself answering a quirky question on Kara Swisher’s podcast: “Are you thinking of buying Australia now?” This came in the wake of India’s loss and Microsoft’s recent announcement to hire Sam Altman, the former CEO of OpenAI.

What Happened? Nadella, known for his wit, responded, “That would be like buying OpenAI. None of those can be accomplished, but we can partner well with OpenAI and enjoy Aussies playing cricket.” True to his love for the game, Nadella had closely followed the World Cup, taking to X to congratulate Australia and commend the Indian team’s efforts.

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Cricket and Nadella: Cricket, for Nadella, is more than just a sport; it’s been a teacher of teamwork and leadership, skills that have greatly influenced his corporate journey. He often speaks about how the game has shaped his approach to teamwork and leadership, especially since he took the helm at Microsoft.

Meanwhile, Microsoft’s decision to onboard the former OpenAI chief has caused a stir in the business world, with the company’s shares rising about 1.5%, potentially adding $30 billion to its market value. This matches nearly the valuation of OpenAI in its last fundraising. Nadella’s strategic moves, both in cricket and the corporate world, reflect his ability to find opportunities in challenges, a trait that has defined his tenure at Microsoft.

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