Jio Launches JioMotive For Car Owners: Here's All You Need To Know

Jio has launched JioMotive, a cutting-edge OBD (On-Board Diagnostics) device that promises to keep your vehicle, and consequently you, smart, safe, and connected. For ₹4,999, you can snag this device online via JioMart or Reliance Digital, transforming your car into a hub of high-tech features.

What is an OBD Device and What does it do?

An OBD device is essentially your vehicle’s health monitor. It taps into the car’s self-diagnostic capabilities, providing real-time data on performance and potential issues. This smart system can help you avoid costly repairs, improve maintenance, and ensure your car runs smoothly.

What is JioMotive and what are its key features?

JioMotive transforms your car into a smart vehicle, offering a suite of features designed for safety and convenience. With geo-fencing, you can set boundaries for your vehicle and receive alerts when it crosses them, ensuring you’re always informed of its location. The device monitors your car's health, tracking battery voltage and engine temperature, which helps prevent costly repairs.

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It also promotes safer driving by analyzing your driving behaviour, alerting you to any instances of over-speeding or harsh braking. The ‘time fencing’ feature is particularly useful for securing your vehicle during specific hours, sending you notifications if your car starts or moves unexpectedly.

In terms of security, JioMotive is vigilant. It provides immediate alerts if your car is being towed or if it detects an accident. Even attempts to remove or tamper with the device trigger an alert, allowing for quick action.

For connectivity on the go, JioMotive includes an in-car Wi-Fi hotspot, allowing multiple devices to connect to the internet simultaneously. This feature ensures that both driver and passengers stay connected, making long trips more enjoyable.

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